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 25 Years of Teaching Experience


Work Experience for Teachers of English (CAVE)

If you are looking to gain more experience in teaching English Language to ESOL learners (English for Speakers of Other Languages) this course is right for you. This work experience programme is available to recent graduates of Cert TESOL / CELTA programmes who want to get some practical experience in a real school. As long as you have these qualifications, no previous teaching experience is required.


Why should I do this programme?

If you are considering teaching English at one of the most prominent English Language Schools in the UK or abroad, where salaries are high (for example in the Middle East),employers often require work experience. By doing two weeks’ work experience in Hungary, you gain international work experience while travelling and living abroad and it will also look good on your resume.It shows your willingness to try something new and a desire to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Working well with others is a key skill that employers are looking for and working alongside people from a different culture will get you exactly that.


Am I too old to do work experience abroad?

We find that many people signing up for our work experience programme are in their 30s+ and looking for a career change. While it’s always been a popular option for recent graduates, traveling to Hungary to gain international work experience certainly isn’t just for the young!


In summary:

  • 2-week residential work experience and training with our partner school in       Hungary in a beautiful town called Bonyhád 

  • Flights and accommodation funded through our Turing Scheme programme.

  • Stipend of £150 is paid to you to cover some of your living expenses.


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David Gorbutt and Philip Davies