Languages Training
& Development

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 25 Years of Teaching Experience


Trinity College London Diploma in TESOL

For Experienced Teachers

  • Delivered over 1-year minimum, a mix of face to face and distance learning
  • Funding available (see Diploma in Education & Training or Apprenticeships)
  • 4 units

Written Exam: Sat at our premises or at a venue convenient to you. This exam is sat on one of three pre-published dates in the year. Resits are possible. Units are:

  • Language Awareness (40%). This section must be passed.
  • Learning & Teaching (30%)
  • Professional Issues (30%)
  • You will receive regular practice tests in year and be given feedback.

Portfolio: Assistance given in choosing your topics and advice on compilation. This comprises three parts. Advice on detail given on programme:

  • Observation of teachers carried out by the participant,
  • Unassessed teaching practice,
  • A Research Project

You will receive advice from our trainers as you progress through.


Phonology Viva: Opportunity to design and practise with our staff. You will meet up with the Examiner from Trinity who will discuss with you:

  • A project you have designed into an aspect of phonology and related teaching ideas.
  • The phonemic chart.
  • Typical phonological problems your learners may face.

You will receive a mock examination with our staff.

Teaching Practice: Assessed by our staff at our premises or your workplace. Feedback on all lessons. Final assessment by independent Examiner from Trinity. You will have the opportunity to teach a variety of learners, assessed by our staff, who will provide developmental feedback. We are able to travel to your place of work for this within reasonable constraints. Final TP assessed by an independent Examiner from Trinity will take place after our assessment.
You will need to retain all lesson plans, materials and evaluations of your TP.​

  • 2-week residential block training in Hungary. Flights and accommodation funded through our Turing programme.


Languages Training & Development has been running a project through the Turing scheme (previously called Erasmus programme) over the years. This sends teachers in groups of around 10 to obtain work experience in delivering classes in English to students at Bonyhád Grammar School (Bonyhádi Petőfi Sándor Evangélikus Gimnázium) in Southern Hungary. These trips are run year-round and are included in all our teacher training programmes. The day is broken down like this:

  • Mornings. You will first observe and then teach a class of learners at either the Primary or the Secondary School of Bonyhádi Petőfi Sándor Evangélikus Gimnázium. You will normally teach this class 2-3 lessons per week. Lessons will be observed for assessment / feedback by our trainers. The remainder of the time in the mornings will be given over to observation of colleagues or preparation.​
  • Afternoons. You will attend workshops relevant to the teaching qualification you are working towards.
  • Evenings & Weekends. Free to do your preparation or visit places of interest.

Accommodation: arranged by LT&D on behalf of you at a local bread and breakfast. It is funded through the programme.

Travel: Funding normally covers flights from the UK/EU and travel to Bonyhád.  We will usually make such arrangements on your behalf.

These sessions are delivered at a variety of venues, e.g our premises in Witney or at the premises of schools who have learners working towards their qualification through LT&D in other areas of the South or North of England. Dates, topics and venues are sent to participants in order for them to select.
Where attendance is not possible, these sessions can be viewed on-line. Though, obviously, physical presence is recommended.