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 25 Years of Teaching Experience


Turing MyES Italy Collaboration

Languages Training and Development have teamed up with My English School (MyES) in Italy and Turing scheme, to offer a unique opportunity to teachers of English.

Study the Trinity Dip TESOL and work at one of the MyES centres and get funded through Turing scheme.... places are limited!!!

MyES has 52 Schools in Italy. These are located in all major cities and large towns. Candidates will be given full training in MyES’s Internal approach and receive one afternoon off / week to attend input sessions for the Trinity College London Diploma in TESOL.

Candidates will be expected to commit to at least 9 months with MyES. Candidates may stay longer and this will be agreed by you and MyES.

The Training

Candidates will receive live online weekly input sessions supported with 4 Full day input sessions at one of MyES Centres ( Please note that you may be asked to travel to the confirmed centre). In addition candidates will receive access to our Moodle. The moodle contains a wide range of learning material, / lesson planning and evaluation templates, videos, past exam papers, quizzes etc.

The input and the Moodle will help you prepare for external assessment by Trinity College London

There are 4 Units that need to be passed

Unit 1 Written Examination

The exam is available on 3 occasions / year; May, August and November.

Unit 2The portfolio

The portfolio comprises the design, implementation and adaptation of an observation instrument,

Focussed development of your teaching skills

An Independent Research Project

Unit 3 Phonology

A 30 Minute Phonology Viva with a TCL examiner covering a prepared presentation by you on an aspect of phonology, followed by Phonemic transcription and some questions on your inclusion of phonology in your teaching.

Unit 4 Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice comprises 4 Internal observations by our staff followed by one observation by an examiner appointed by Trinity.

Exam details

Units 2, 3 and 4 can be taken on demand with the following conditions. A minimum of two candidates are entered for any exam session and a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice is provided to Trinity. Funding includes one attempt at examination only.